Best Island in Brazil - Fernando de Noronha

Home of some of the best beaches in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is the dream destinations for everyone in the country. And you can easily understand why when you look at it. Crystal clear waters of the deepest blue and green, white sand beaches and rocky cliffs coming out of the ocean turn this island into a real world paradise. Besides that, there are simply no crimes at all, this may be the safest place in the country. All this natural beauty together with the huge investments in infrastructure made in the last years, puts Fernando de Noronha in the shortlist of the best tourist destinations in Brazil

What to do in Fernando de Noronha:

Fernando de Noronha is the perfect trip for everyone who loves the ocean, the island is the best place in Brazil for almost any water activity. There are great spots for surfing, diving, eco trails are also a must in the island, nothing better than trekking with the amazing views like the ones you will find there.

Surfing in Fernando de Noronha: With a perfect landscape and great tubular waves, the island holds every year a few rounds of the Brazilian Surf Championship, and sometimes even world championships take place there. There are no Surf Stores in the island, but you can rent surfboards in a few places if you don't have your own. The best beaches for surfing are: Cacimba do Padre, Boldró, Bode, Cachorro, Meio and Conceicao.

Diving in Fernando de Noronha: Considering that you are in one of The Best Islands in Brazil, with some of the Best Beaches in Brazil you HAVE to reserve a few days to do some diving on the island.  There are great landscapes, the marine fauna and flora is just unbelievable, thats why Noronha is one of the best places in the world for diving. You will find spots for every diver out there, from beginner to seasoned. But be prepared to spend a few dollars cause renting the equipment and hiring the services of one of the diving agencies might be a bit expensive. Still worth though, it's quite an unforgettable experience.

Eco Trails in Fernando de Noronha: Doing trails on the island is one of the best ways to fully appreciate the wonderful views of this place. There are two areas for trails. One is the National Marine Reserve of Fernando de Nronha, trekking in this one requires an authorization by IBAMA(Brazilian institute that deals with natural resources, fauna and flora) and guides. The other area is the Enviroment Preservation Area of Fernando de Noronha, in this one the you have free access.

Best Beaches in Fernando de Noronha:

Baía do Sancho: This may be the best beach in Brazil, sharing the honour with Baia dos Porcos(another beach in Noronha). You can access it by trail or with a boat.

Baía dos Porcos:  This little beach looks like small piece of Heaven on earth. It´s the perfect place for free diving and snorkeling. From there you are able to see Morro Dois Irmaos(Two Brothers Cliffs), one of the most famous places in the island.

Praia do Leão: This beach is one of the most beautiful in the country, and it's also the place where most of the sea turtles of the island leave their eggs, because of that the access to the beach is forbidden after 6:00PM

Praia de Atalaia: Only 30 persons are allowed to be on this beach at  the same time. There's a huge natural pool because of the coral reefs around it. From there you will have one of the best views of "Morro do Frade"(Frade's Hill).


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