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Best Islands in Brazil - TOP10

The Brazilian coastline is blessed with many wonderful islands, some of them famous in the whole world like Fernando de Noronha and Ilha Grande.
Here is a list of the TOP 10 Brazilian Islands and the reasons that made them so special. If you are an island-lover, you can´t miss this!

TOP 10 Brazilian Islands:
10 -  Boipeba´s  Island (Ilha de Boipeba) - BAThis is one of the most charming islands in this list. It´s just delightful to walk around those white sand beaches and visiting the villages. There are no cars, no banks, just what you need to relax and watch the days go by in this beautiful place. 
Scuba diving is a great option here.The historical tour is a must and you will see the most important cultural and historical spots of the island.

9 - Itaparica´s Island (Ilha de Itaparica) - BA:The Ilha de Itaparica(Itaparica's Island) is located on the "Baia de Todos os Santos"(All Saints Bay) in the state of Bahia. It´s the biggest island in the bay, yet is the perfect place if…