Praia de Pipa - Rio Grande do Norte

This is Praia de Pipa, it´s always present in every list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in northeastern Brazil. And since northeast is the best place for beaches in this country, you know that we´re talking about a very special place.
Praia de Pipa is a district of  Tibau do Sul, but it has become much more famous than Tibau in the last decades. At first Pipa was a fishermen village, then after the seventies the beach started to receive a lot of surfers, and later, tourists who finally discovered the beauties of this paradise.

What to do: Pipa is great for almost every kind of water activity, like kitesurfing, kayak, swimming with dolphins and sea turtles, and of course, a lot of waves for surfers too. Besides that, the nightlife is supposed to be the best in the whole state, with nightclubs playing reaggae and forro all night long, and I really mean ALL NIGHT LONG, so prepare to see the sun rising, which by the way, you can´t loose. If you. are into other kinds of music, don´t worry, you´ll find it there too, unless you are into black metal stuff :D

What to see:

Chapadao: This spot in Tibau do Sul, is famous in Brazil due to a tv show called Fantastico, that said UFOs landed there, but despite this sensationalistic news report, Chapadao is a great place to visit, it has one of the best views in Praia de Pipa.

Santuario Ecologico(Ecological Sanctuary): Here you´ll be able to see the biggest Atlantic Rainforest reserve in the region. There´s a museum, and great views to see while hiking.

Baia dos Golfinhos(Dolphin´s Bay):  This place has a good infrastructure, even a surf school. And the main feature here is the dolphins, a lot of them for everyone to see. To get to this beach you may get a bus, or even walk when the tide is low.

Praia do Amor(Love´s Beach): Has this name because this beach is shaped like a heart. And also used to be a nudist beach, but please don´t show up naked there, it´s no longer like that. It´s actually a place mainly visited by families(non naturist families).

Praia dos Afogados(Beach of the Drowneds): It´s the surfers spot in Pipa, with great waves, handcrafters, and that surf feeling. With beautiful faces from all over the world, it´s the place to meet new people and have fun. There´s always some sort of sport going on, volley, or football specially.

How to get there: I´ll just copy the instructions to get to Tibau do Sul here, once you are in Tibau it´ll be easy to find Praia de Pipa.
By plane, you need to fly to Natal-RN(Augusto Severo Airport), then take a bus, or a taxi, and 75km later you´ll be at Tibau do Sul. The price of the cab ride is around R$80,00.
To take a bus you´ll need to get to the bus station(Rodoviaria), the adress is:

Rodoviária de Natal - RN
Adress :
Avenida Capitão Mauro Gouveia, 1237
Tel :
(84) 3232 - 7310 and 3232 - 7311

That´s it friends! Anything you want to ask me, leave a comment.


Oh, really beautiful place, maybe I can go there one day. Look at my country, here:
Wow! It's really beautiful beach. I'm gonna to go there someday. Awesome!

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