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Praia de Pipa - Rio Grande do Norte

This is Praia de Pipa, it´s always present in every list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in northeastern Brazil. And since northeast is the best place for beaches in this country, you know that we´re talking about a very special place.
Praia de Pipa is a district of  Tibau do Sul, but it has become much more famous than Tibau in the last decades. At first Pipa was a fishermen village, then after the seventies the beach started to receive a lot of surfers, and later, tourists who finally discovered the beauties of this paradise.

What to do: Pipa is great for almost every kind of water activity, like kitesurfing, kayak, swimming with dolphins and sea turtles, and of course, a lot of waves for surfers too. Besides that, the nightlife is supposed to be the best in the whole state, with nightclubs playing reaggae and forro all night long, and I really mean ALL NIGHT LONG, so prepare to see the sun rising, which by the way, you can´t loose. If you. are into other kinds of music, don´t …

Tibau do Sul - Rio Grande do Norte

Tibau do Sul is all about tranquility, peace and of course, beautiful sites to see, the city is mainly remembered because of it´s most famous district, Praia de Pipa, but there´s much more to enjoy in this beautiful place. Horseback riding, kite surfing, flyingboats, these are just some of the things you can do here that will help you to appreciate even more those beautiful landscapes.

What to see: Well, mainly, you´ll see beaches, and beautiful ones. Here´s some of them:
Tibau do Sul: It´s a simple place, the kind of place to take your family, or some friends and relax, eat something, get a drink.
Guaraíras Lagoon(Lagoa de Guaraíras): There´s a lot to see here, mangroves, shrimp farms, the fishmen doing their business, and you can even watch dolphins in the high tide. Also, everyone says here is the best spot to watch the sunset in Tibau do Sul.

Praia do Giz e da Bóia: Deserted beaches, good for surfing, horseback riding, or even a simple walk.

How to get there: By plane, you need to fly…