Trindade - Rio de Janeiro

Trindade is a small village of fishermen, located in the south of Rio de Janeiro and this place is turning into a well known location of the state, even for people from other countries that go there to visit beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

This is a little place where you don´t need to spend much time, unless you really want to relax or have a romantic time with someone. Most people visit Trindade, while staying in Paraty, since Trindade is very close to it.

And there is even a better option, that is to visit also Ilha Grande, and spend about a week or more there, since you´ll have a lot to see, then spend some days at Paraty, and during those days go to Trindade. But if you wish to stay in Trindade, there you´ll find campings and Inns too.

Those places are full of travellers from all the world, I went to Ilha Grande two weeks ago, and I can surely say that there were more foreigners than brazilians visiting the Island.

Here a list with some of Trindade´s beaches:

Praia Brava
Praia do Cepilho
Praia do Rancho
Praia do Meio
Praia do Cachadaço
Praia das Figueiras (exclusive for naturists)

This is it, if you are looking for a good place to do some trekking, or just relax, Trindade is the place for you. And bring your surfboard and your diving equipment, since here you´ll have good spots for both sports.


ardee sean said…
nice view..a natural beauty.. :P
We were in Rio, stayed at the Rio Othon Palace in Copacabana, thanks to Royal Holiday fro booking such a wonderful hotel in a great destination.
Robert G said…
Spent a day in Trinidade and it was beautiful. Best part was it was just a short drive from my girlfriends parents house in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo. Can't wait to go back in a few months!

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