Rio das Ostras - Rio De Janeiro

This is the city where I spent my last vacation, and what a nice vacation it was. It´s a calm city, with a great infra-structure, beautiful spots to enjoy the nature and a lot of places to enjoy a little nightlife.

Rio das Ostras is located in the Sun Coast(Costa do Sol), and it´s about 190km from Rio de Janeiro, that´s about 1hour and 30 mins. Nearby you´ll find the cities of Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio, Araruama, and Buzios, all of them famous tourist places, and less than an hour from Rio das Ostras.

But now let´s talk about this wonderful city. As any of the cities in Sun Coast, the main atraction in Rio das Ostras are the beaches, and it had to be, since the city has one of the most beautiful coasts in the country. There´s a beach really close to the town centre, that´s not a really pretty beach, but it´s ok if all you want is to take a swim and relax. But if you want to see a beautiful place you should go to Costa Azul, that´s the most famous beach in the city, it has some surf activity, but it´s ok too for people that just want to swim, there are "Quiosques"(place where you can get food and drinks) all over the beach and also some stores in the street, where you can buy souvenirs and maybe get an ice cream. You can also visit Praia Virgem, it´s beautiful, but people say that sometimes nudists go there. That can be a good or bad thing, it´s up to you.

Once you leave the beach, go to Praça da Baleia (Whale´s Square), it´s a famous spot, where you can see a sculpture, in almost real size, of a Jubarte Whale, but be careful cause it throws water up, and from time to time, and uncautious tourist get his cloathes all wet. I know cause it almost happened to me. Near the square you´ll find a place called "Tocolandia" it´s a kind of Shopping Center, but not as we are used to, it´s worth to take a look.

During the night, you can walk in the town centre, where you´ll find restaurants and ice-cream parlours, some live music, places to shop and play some video game classics. Night life may not be as intense (but you can find some dance clubs too, I just don´t care much about them) as in Cabo Frio, but that can be a positive point, if you like a more calm and relax atmosphere. This photo is from Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blue Festival:

Well, another great city. bye folks.


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