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Fernando de Noronha - PE

Hi folks, I´m back for a little post. This is about what´s maybe the destination most desired by brazilians, the beautiful island Fernando de Noronha. I will place here some photos of it, some information too, but very few. Later(maybe next week) I´ll make a big post about it, cause this island deserves it.

The two first photos will be of the Two Brothers Hill(Morro Dois Irmão), this name is self explaning after you see them.

The next two photos are of the Pig´s Bay(Baia dos Porcos), it´s a beautiful place, it has a the best view for the Two Brothers and in the low tide it has incredible natural pools.

Well, for now it´s over, but I´ll definetly post more stuff about this paradise. For now just watch this video with some surfing at this incredible island, and for people that don´t care much for surf, there ´s also some great views in this video. Bye Folks, see ya soon.

Fernando de Noronha, New Video

Hi folks, well, I´m here to say that I probably won´t update the blog much this month, I´m studying for a test to enter college. But to keep this thing alive, I´ll try to place here some photos and videos, so check it out from time to time to see any new stuff.

And the first video will be about this paradise called Fernando de Noronha, it´s mainly about surf, but you will also see here the beauties of this island, from it´s beaches ´till it´s bikini girls :D

This is it, and as soons as this test is over I´ll start to make new posts again. Bye Friends

Arraial D'ajuda - Bahia

Arraial D'ajuda is located near Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia, it´s a rustic and elegant little city, with historical buildings and wonderful beaches.

This city is famous for it´s religious parties, some of the most tradicional are Saint Sebastian(20 January) and Saint Cosme and Saint Damian(September 27).
But the biggest is on August 15, it´s for a saint called Nossa Senhora D'ajuda it attracts thousands, tourists and locals to participate in this celebration.

There are too many beaches to list here but the most visiteds are Araçaí, Apaga Fogo, Canoas, Mucugê, Tororão e Pitinga. You´ll find all kinds of beaches there, even some nudism beaches.

While in the city there are inumerous activities for you, if you are into scuba diving there are operators there, they´ll take you to dive in Abrolhos(one of the most famous diving spot in Brazil). You´ll also find in the city, Lambada Classes and trekking trails.

The right place to be during the night is the "Broduei"(it´s …

Cabo Frio - My last travel.

Hi folks, I´ll just post here some photos of my last trip. This is Praia do Forte in Cabo Frio

It´s one of the best beaches I´ve have been, has a part with waves and another without it, perfect for kids. Clear water and a beautiful landscape with a Fortress in the back ground.

This is a view of the Fortress from the "Morro do Arpoador". Beautiful view.

This photos is from a place where you can just sit and relax, listeaning to the sound of waves hitting the rocks, and we saw a Penguim while we were sitting there. But I wasn´t with my camera.

This is a little island near the Praia do Forte, I think it´s a public island cause there was a lot of little boats there.

Well, this is it, a friend of mine took more pictures, maybe I´ll post some of his photos later. Bye friends.