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Salvador - Bahia

Fist a little history:

Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia and the largest city in north-eastern Brazil, was the first town to be founded in Brazil, on March 29th 1549; and until 1763, when it was succeeded by Rio de Janeiro, it was the seat of government of the colony. For three centuries it was the principal port for the import of slaves from Africa. Blacks and mulattos now form the majority of the population, and African influence is evident in the life of the city in many different fields - in music, in religious cults such as Candomblé and Umbanda, and not least in the local cuisine, which makes lavish use of dendà oil (palm oil), coconut milk and groundnuts.

Salvador is 1649km from Rio de Janeiro, so, if you want to get there, I suggest you take a plane, by car it would take more than a day to arrive. But by plane, or by car it will be worth as soon as you see the beauties of this place.

Salvador is not only beaches, the historical center has over 1,000 buildings and churches b…

Guarujá - São Paulo

89 km from São Paulo, Guarujá has one of the bests tourist infrastructure in the south-east region of Brazil. It has a lot of white sand beaches extended all along urbanized roads.
It´s a beautiful place, but In my opinion there are better places to visit while in Brazil, but if you are near it, like in São Paulo or Santos, it is worth to check it out, there are some very good things to see.Check this site for a map with links to the beaches:

The most important beaches:

Pitangueiras: It is located in the centre of the island. It covers 1800 meters of a scenery enclosed by buildings and large commercial centres, some of them, surround The Beira-mar Avenue.
This beach is ideal for surfing. In the middle of the beach, there is a rocky islet.

Enseada: The beach of Enseada is situated to the north of the island. It covers 11 kilometres bordered by a residential neighbourhood. Its sand is clear and soft. Its main characteristic is the presence of coc…

Cabo Frio - Rio De Janeiro

Cabo Frio is one of the cities of "Região dos Lagos", a region with many wonderful beaches. The city is less than an hour away from Arraial do Cabo(see previous posts), and also has some great beaches, like Praia do Forte and Praia do Peró.

It´s a very well developed city with wide-ranging commerce, an excellent hotel infrastructure and entertaining options for both day and night. There are restaurants with almost every type of cuisine, great nightclubs, fairs, exhibitions, and a vast cultural calendar. During the night, people gather in the street, usually near the Praia Do Forte or in the fairs. At the Praia do Forte, there´s all kind of entertainment, from games untill dance clubs. In the fairs you´ll find good souvenirs, handmade stuff, clothes and places to eat hot dogs or anyother fast foods. Here I´ll put a list of good things to see there. Conchas BeachPraia das Conchas - Shell Beach - A beautiful shell shaped beach that is cozy and charming. It?s ideal for water spor…

NEW YEAR´S EVE!!! (Reveillon) - Rio de Janeiro

Hi friends, I decided to make this post now, I know that we still have some months before New Year´s Eve, but the thing is, if you wait untill december to make your reservations, probably you won´t be able to do it. The city gets so crowded in the end of december, that all the good hotels may be full, so I suggest that if you intend to come here to enjoy our summer, try to make everything earlier, so you won´t have any problems, only fun :D

But now let´s go to the good part. New Year´s party in Brazil, is one of the most famous in the whole world, Copacabana beach receive around two millions watchers every year for the fireworks show.

There you´ll find all kind of people, and I really mean all kind, but the atmosphere is of peace and celebration. If you don´t want to stay with the crowd during the fireworks, you can also rent an apartmen in front of the beach, you´ll have a beautiful view, and all the confort of the best hotels in Rio, like Copacabana Palace. Another thing you can do to …

Brazilian Hotels

Hi, I´ll put here a list of hotels that I´ve found on the internet, I think it might help someone

Hotels In Brazil:

São Paulo: Paulista Area Central Business District
Hotel: Maksoud Plaza Hotel *****
Address: Alameda Campinas, 150
Tel.: (55-11) 3145-8000
Fax.: (55-11) 3145-8001
Comments: Breakfast not included. 40 minutes from Guarulhos International Airport - 15 minutes from Congonhas Domestic Airport, Limousine service on request. Shuttle van service to/from Guarulhos Airport.

Hotel: Gran Meliá Mofarrej Hotel *****
Address: Alameda Santos, 1437
Tel.: (55-11) 3146-5900
Fax.: (55-11) 3262-3368
Comments: Breakfast not included. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, health club with sauna and an on-premises shopping arcade, featuring jewelry stores, boutique, Brazilian handcrafts and a travel agency.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza São Paulo *****
Address: Rua Frei Caneca, 1360

Ipanema -Rio De Janeiro

Hi, this beach is of the most famous in Brazil, maybe losing only for Copacabana. It even inspired our two great composers, Vinicius de Moraes e Tom Jobim, to write "The Girl From Ipanema" one of the bests musics from the Bossa-Nova style.

Ipanema is a gathering point, not only during the day, when people go there for the sea, but also during the night, for sports like football(soccer) and beach volley.There´s also a great night life, since it´s on of the most sophisticated area from the city. With many Bars, Stores, Quiosques(Small places that usually sell drinks, coconuts or fast food) and night clubs.Ipanema is a symbol of Rio, it´s has a great beach, a big city area, and a great night life. Who could ask for more? This is a must see, if you are in Rio.If you wanna know more about Rio, including Ipanema, I suggest this site: Don´t worry, it´s in englishAnd here, a list of hotels in Rio:Hotel: Le Meridien Copacabana *****
Address: Av. Atlântica, 1020 -…

Angra dos Reis

A quote about the place:
A member of the portuguese naval fleet that landed on Ilha Grande for the first time:

"Sometimes I felt The ecstasy of The flowers and trees' perfume so strong that I thought I had found paradise. And what I will say of The great number of birds, full of colors and their tunes, how many and how beautiful? I won't say more because I Know you will never believe me."

Angra has more than 350 islands and 2000 beaches. One of these islands is Ilha Grande(see the previous posts) considered one of the best places for adventurers, with its trails, waterfalls and deserted beaches, I forgot to tell about it in the post I made about Ilha Grande, but there´s also an old Prison there that is now a research facility for an university.

Botinas Islands - A famous diving spot:

There you´ll be able to see crystalline waters, and the mansions of the rich and famous, erected on private islands. But you don´t have to be rich to enjoy the beauty of this place, for examp…

Buzios - Rio De Janeiro

Just 105 miles from Rio de Janeiro, a pleasant 2-hour trip takes you to the peninsula of Búzios, with more than 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear water.

Elected one of the 10 most beautiful areas in the world it´s famous for the unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony, incredible beauty and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants.This is a video of one of the most famous streets in Buzios, called Rua Das Pedras, plus there´s a song by Chico Buarque playing along the video:

Buzios is a great place to go for nightlife. There are tons of bars, clubs, and restaurants that stay open well into the early morning hours. Another great thing about the city is that there are tons of visitors all the time, so there is always something going on. Some of the bars and clubs face the ocean, and they give a beautiful view. There is also tons of live entertainment. Of course, there are far too many bars and clubs to list, but they are all pretty good, even though some a…

Arraial do Cabo

Quote of the day: Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act. Andre MalrauxARRAIAL - is a beautiful place, full of beaches with blue and green colored waters. Great diving spot, one of the bests in Brazil.
This is Praia do Forno, I made this photo on my last trip to Arraial.
In Arraial you will find dunes, reefs, ecological reserves, conserved Atlantic Forest, six-thousand-year-old sambaquis (hills made an accumulation of shells and other items from pre-historic inhabitants) and one of the most appropriate regions for fishing on the planet. The local people are welcoming and friendly, their hospitality will make your stay unforgettable.

At a distance of 171 km from Rio de Janeiro, it´s in the centre of an important tourist area, some of the cities in this area are: Armação de Búzios, Cabo Frio, Saquarema, Araruama and São Pedro da Al…

Florianópolis (Islands/CIty) - Santa Catarina

The natural beauties of Florianópolis attract thousands of visitors every year. Mainly in the summer. They seek the diversity of the coast. In the island can be found, side by side, the most varied types of beaches, the long ones, with large sand strip; the small ones, encrusted in backwaters; those with strong waves; and the ones of calm sea, looking like lagoons; urbanized ones full of bathers; and deserted ones, with access by trail only. It is the paradise for surf, windsurf, sailing and fishing lovers.

The Northern and Central regions of Florianópolis are the mostly sought after by tourists and offer a complete infrastructure of services, resorts, hotels and lodges. In the South, some districts also keep the aspect of countryside villages, and in them you can notice, in their way of speaking, in their handicraft activities, and folkloric feasts, the heritage left by their ancestors from the Portuguese archipelago of Ações, as of the 18th century. On the other side, the city gained…